Spiraling Down: Causal Satanism

“Do what thou wilt” Sure has a permissive feeling doesn’t it? Well, unless you are really willing to commit, and we mean by REALLY committing like volunteering to lead church school and bake bars for the auxiliary fundraisers, steer clear of Sataniism. One does not just sporadically attend Satanic church on low holy days like Walpurgisnacht, Belatane and Grand High Climax, one must bring it! Become a deacon, showing the elderly to pews and passing the skull during services. Most hipsters flirt with their spirituality like a New Jersey housewife at a P90X booth at the state fair, Satanism was just another fickle pursuit. Oh, you bought the Slayer anthology, you clutched Ayn Rand books at the public interest research group meetings even though they all pulled their beards and gazed at their shoes. But that was just faux-evil posturing. Lip service to Lucifer and it’s OVER! First this we suggest is show up at the coven and burn all your Rob Zombie albums. Dance around them singing “The Astro-Creep is a poser.” Next,