Carreer Corner: Volenteering for Menial Labor

Okay, this is going to be awesome. Imagine this: Your friends Theo and Matilda are unwinding after their day of drudgery as corporate drones down at the vegan bistro over some hemp sodas. They are quietly reflecting on what utter tools they have become and secretly pining for something more raw, something more real. Just then you confidently stride in donning a decked-out iron-smelting apron, and complete with authentic sear marks! “Brah! What are you wearing?” Theo will exclaim wildly. “Oh this? It’s just my protective clothing for working with molten metal.” You can counter flatly.

After this the questions will start pouring in, which you’ll love. “I just feel like we’ve all gotten away from trades and crafts that deliver something tangible, something

Money is of little object for you as you free-cycle most of your food, furnishings, and hobbies