Peaking: Taking better care of yourself

P90X, Insanity workout, Zumba, crossfit, mudrunning, color-runs, prancing, water aerobics, kettle balls, marathons, half-marathons, 5Ks, “going to the gym” … it’s all over facebook. And those are just a few of the physical things people are doing to “take better care of themselves” lately. There’s also the nutritional side of things: organic, gluten-free, paleo, fair-trade, locally-grown, chemical-free, no preservatives, free-range, ethically-raised, and lots of other hyphenated things that sound environmentally conscious and informed.

All of this stuff is lava-hot right now, and looking and feeling good are certainly perks of your efforts to impress other hipsters with all of the stuff you’re doing. But as with anything that everyone is talking about, it’s time for you to stop talking about it. You can still do it if you actually care about yourself and want to live longer than your 50s. Just don’t talk about it. Please, stop talking about it. Please.