Tipping Up: Tiny Liquor Bottles

Doing more with less is gamma-ray hot right now. From Smart Cars to Nano-Homes, Less has never been more. That that goes for booze too! Give up the artisnal peat smoked single malt in decorative boxes, wave your finger at the obese totem of conspicuousness that is a craft beer growler, it’s all about small. Nothing says small like those miniature versions of mass market hooch you get on an airplane or especially from a shopping cart parked at the entrance to the at the checkout line at the local booze-mart. Especially attractive to female hipsters, these diminutive replicants of rail grade spirits are found to be “cute” by the cotillions of trendinistias who flock around them like hummingbirds. Long thought to be exclusively the realm of airline employees and hobbyists, for such pip-squeaks, they are making huge in-roads into hipster culture. Of course, we suggest that if you’re going small, do it in a big way. Open a wee bar. Start with a signature drink, we suggest the mar-tiny. Take 37 minutes to perform a grand and deliberate ceremony as you ritualistically fashion the smallest damn drink anyone in your essay club has ever seen. You can go on about glass shape and strainer effectiveness. Culminate your pontification with and existential question referencing national public radio, the rapped hipsters will be both shaken and stirred, you will love this. With hushed reverence you take out a miniscule jar and, having difficulty opening the penny sized lid, withdraw one nibble sized Cretan olive or ,ελίτσες. Looking slyly at the most amazed of your hipster friends, pierce it with a darning needle and, winking, say ” I like mine a little dirty.”