Cycling up: Petal-Powered RVs

Camping is and always will be thermite-hot for the hipster legions. What better way to let everyone know that you’re in touch with nature yet maintain the rustic qualities of your great, great grandfather than spending the night like a homeless person in the middle of the wilderness. Backpacking with minimal supplies has long been the upper echelon activity of top-tier, short-brimmed hipsters; especially if it involves canoes or even better, kayaks. Alas, as many hipsters approach middle age; backs are beginning to ache, and the taste of trail-mix no longer appeals to our bone-marrow slurping refined palettes. Hell, not even an entire bag of straight peanut M&Ms are enough to motivate us to go camping anymore. So, what to do? Do this! Build yourself a quasi-vintage petal-powered RV!