BubblingUp: Leeks

mmm .. it's interesting and nearly raw
mmm .. it’s interesting and nearly raw
Hipsters have been on a quest for the perfect food. Simple, green and now they have it, I give you the leek. Favorite vegetable of the emperor Nero, the leek can be at once artisinal, treated with a reverence once reserved for garlic, and at the same time relatively inexpensive. The perfect hipster food. Just imagine slowly opening your upcycled lunch bag and unwrapping your wax paper encrusted sandwich. You’ll be the envy of the lunch room at your social media office as you take the first timid bite into a whole wheat, ginger chutney and leek masterpiece. After chewing a little longer than normal you can answer the other hipsters quietly, purposely and with authority that you have , in fact, been enjoying an “Allium tricoccum”, or heirloom wild leek. They will be offended if you don’t share by making a soft burp half way through as you read the latest Utne reader. Don’t forget to look over the top of the magazine at them and, lying, say “sorry.”