Uptrending: Suggestions from FB friends to NHT

from http://www.hipstersinworkboots.com/
Actually, NHT isn’t the only place where we can all understand more about our place in the “HipsterVerse.” Tumblr is rife with hipsters and this suggestion from our FB friend Triton Caferacer is a prime example. A quick note, we’re going to open NHT to other contributors once we’ve established the voice and tone of the site. Many of you will make excellent posts. One way to move toward it is to join right now as a subscriber to this site and make some comments. You get “trendtron” points for doing that and as soon as you’ve reach some arbitrary level, yet to be decided, we’ll invite you to become a contributor. We’re still figuring this all out. We DO know that this thing has legs and, unless we’re actually on a work site, the feet on those legs are NOT wearing work boots.