Shooting up: Deer Camp Hopping

Picture this: You wake up to an old fashioned bell alarm at 5:00am with a splitting headache. You stare blankly across from the bunkhouse at the camp table with at least four empty bottles of “Canadian Hunter” whiskey, beer cans, cribbage boards, and stale cheese. Theo is passed out on the floor by the stove trying to warm himself. You wonder where you are for a second and remember that you’re in Northwestern Wisconsin (whoa), and you’ve been sport deer camp hopping. At first it doesn’t sound all that appealing. Good, I wanted to start with the worst part of deer camp, because it’s all nothing but awesome from here! Book your vacation right now for this coming Friday, because that’s the day before gun deer hunting opener.

You don’t have to hunt, or even know anything about hunting to go deer camp hopping, just show up at any country bar in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or the U.P of Michigan (suck it down-staters) this Friday around noon and start talking turkey… er deer. Practice your yer accent on the trip up to mimic the local dialects. This phrase can get you a out of a lot of sticky situations if you pronounce everything correctly, so get it down . “Ya, soorry dere, oops.”

Getting invited to various camps shouldn’t be much of an issue. Just buy some beers, play some classic rock or early country on the jukebox, and get ready to live. Within about 5 minutes somebody will start talking about camp or going back to camp. As soon a you here that buy two cases of Miller High Life off sale for the road. Order loudly so they can hear you. “Hey, you wanna come to are camp” some enormous man wearing bibs will bellow as he sees the beer slide across the bar top. “Sure!” You’re in.

Details about deer camp.

Details about actual hunting (the next level).

Art from antlers, skin, bones, blood.

Closing…. Imagine telling the tales back home in Denver of all of the amazing experiences you had while there. A few examples of crazy things that happened.