Unclaimed: Paddle Sports

The 1970s saw an unprecedented rise in the popularity of tennis in America. Courts were built, lines formed, pros were rokk stars—Big Tennis was rolling in it. Today, the highest ranking US male tennis player is some guy named Sam Querrey at #20.


The complete collapse of tennis in America has resulted in near-total availability of court time. Seriously, it is like a ghost town out there. So what better time to pick up a racquet and start whacking balls? NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT.

And as an added bonus, tennis is rivaled only by golf for obscure, outrageous fashion, especially in the retro, sweat-banded, nut-hugging stylings of tennis gods of yore—Jimmy Conners, Bjorn Borg, Ilie Nastase. Throw in vintage wooden racquets and a Le Coq Sportif bag, and you are a walking Wes Anderson movie.

Also available: Badminton, Paddle Tennis, Beach Paddle Ball

Avoid: Ping Pong, Racquetball. Too fratty.