Trending Down: Body Hair

Whether you’re a hipster dude sprouting a righteous tuft from the valley of your v-neck tee, or a hipster babe sporting a set of musky eurotrash pits, body hair has historically made a lot of sense to the hipster aesthetic. Not only does it help express the lazy attitude of uncaring so important to hipster culture, but it also pisses off the plastic-smooth Ken and Barbie mainstream.

However, our sources indicate that those on the razor’s edge of hipsterdom have begun to do away with this most secondary of secondary sex characteristics. Perhaps further inspired by the eyebrow-shaving trend, perhaps branching out all on their own, hipsters from Williamsburg to Portland have started taking it down to the skin. So if you want to be ahead of the curve, step up and shave it off now.

You’ll want to avoid the spas and waxing salons, though. You really don’t want to be seen walking into one of those places. But just imagine ordering a cup of hot water at an outdoor cafe, then using it to lather up with a shaving brush and soap. You’ll really have their attention as you sharpen your straight razor on a leather barber’s strop before taking it to your legs and arms. Or, if you’re more into convenience, hit the thrift stores for a vintage Norelco electric, or better yet a 1970s-era Epilady, especially if you’re a guy. Break down the gender barrier and send the mainstream packing back to the suburbs, all in one quick swipe of the blade.