TrendingUp: Looking away Selfies

A selfie. The pinnacle of technarcissism, a self shot picture of your self to use in tweets, posts, status updates. It’s your chance to be earnest, shoot your best “hihowareya” at the camera and not think about who is on the other side of the lens … judging you. No one is there, just you, your device and the internets. After the first initial captures of yourself having a great time at the harvest fest or backstage at a Trampled by Turtles show it got old. You started throwing the deuces and the duck face. Thing about this self “reflection” activity is that it gets old real quick..because…in the end …it’s you …um…shooting …you. Yep. What’s a hipster to do? What says you are cooler than yourself without having to be cooler than yourself? How about obviously ignoring the fact you are shooting a selfie…yourself? Enter the looking away selfie.

it’s the perfect opportunity to let everyone know you are so hip that you don’t even have time to quick whip off a pic of yourself. The fact that you are the one not looking at the shot you’re taking …of yourself makes no difference. In our highly evolved media effluence culture, concepts like third person pov or fourth wall are tired old crutches … blur your evolving narrative, baby BLUR!