Trending Up: Lawrence Welk

As enamored as hipsters are with the neo-folk pop-bluegrass wave, it’s soooo popular that, by definition, it’s OVER! The next hipster shiny musical object must continue that quintessential harkening back to simpler, more earnest times. In these VUCA filled times, nothing says banal and epic obscurity like the Lawrence Welk Show. It’s got everything. not so subtly ironic numbers like “One Toke Over The Line” and the odd ass “Hippie” thing to more deep-hipster must haves like banjos and jazz dancing.

Imagine the effect when you burst into the next Co-Op board meeting wearing a polyester suit the color of fresh ketchup humming “Music to Watch Girls By.” The raised eyebrows (provided they havent been shaved off) will soon turn to nods of shamed agreement when you wax on about the work of Rose Weiss.