Hovering Up: Being Psychic

Keep staring, something will happen
You can bend the very fabric of space and time with your very mind! At least your 13th level illusionist in WOW can. You know you are special, perhaps even the chosen one. Your parents keep telling you that, even while they are helicoptering to your landlord’s office to explain why he should not throw you on the street for breaking the party clause on your lease … again. You’ve always known that you have strange powers. Like the time you wanted your cat to say something in English and then it did … “Lay off the chronic” it said and then it crapped a coffee bean on the floor, just as you had willed it. Imagine how impressed and scared your friends at the dub-step collective will be when you walk up and begin staring at them so intensely that you begin to tear up. Put your hands together, fists touching, tilt your head forward and look at them from below your eyebrow. Keep staring for three minutes, slowly smirk then turn and walk away. Just because you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean it isn’t. Barnes and Noble has a whole section waiting for you to lurk in to find others like yourself. Try out your telepathic force by walking up to the help desk at the uber-book-mart and stand doing the same schtick you did to the dub-steppers. Just stand there smirking and staring. Soon the drone working behind the counter will point and say “Paranormal Teen Romance over by the magazines.” Use your new powers wisely, you now control the world.