This trend anomaly flies in the face of the current OVER! status of organ meats in general. Hipsters are violently opposed to most offal as a matter of course, but patrilineal connections run too deep to sever ties with the perfection in pink that is your mainstream liverwurst. The main attraction is, of course, it’s malleability. Prized for it’s pliant consistency and succulent aftertaste, when you whip out several moist chunks rendered to function as RPG dice at the GameCon and proceed to roll a critical hit on the cobalt dragon about to breath weapon your cleric, you’ll really turn some heads and wet some appetites. Spread them on hard-tack crackers while the dungeon master totals your experience points.

You can continue to impress your gaming party by discussing how artisanal German schweiger meisters confidently pack smoked pig livers into fibrous casings and, tying them off with a kurt flourish, slice them apart, one at a time, so they plop into special Leberwurst Warenkorb for delivery.

A rich source of iron and vitamin A, this is the stout Teutonic cousin of the creamier, and French, pâté. Whislt quaffing ales waiting to be hired for the next attempt to breach The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, you can recount your visit (just the web site) to Stryhn’s Leverpostej on Amager isle, south of Copenhagen. Eat the last disc of it off the tip of your tantō and they will soil their armor like brave Sir Robin.