Covering: Cloaks, Capes, and Riding Hoods

hipster cloak
Skinny pants, pointy shoes, top hat … and a cloak. You are NOT as hip as your great great grandfather.

In some parts of the world it’s going to get really wet. In some places it’s going to get suuuuper hot (and dry). Hipsters will need to survive, and look hip doing it. Only one garment form can cover your needs in all environments. The cloak. Cloak is a broad category covering not only cloaks but also capes, ponchos, zarapes and other mantles, shrouds and stoles.

For the warmer climes we recommend a lightweight breathable styling drape like this one. For Winter, nothing says he-man like the Onyx Arctic System.

Like all trends we espouse here on NHT, this one can be taken a bit too far. Usually we encourage this but sometimes even ardent hipsters can go beyond acceptable boundaries. Don’t confuse wearing a cloak with being a High Elf, and then don’t actually BEING HIGH, and don’t then be high on LSD.