OVER! Black Leggings and Knee High Boots

is she a pirate?

As a guy, this one is hard for me to write. I have to admit that, yes I’m looking at legs and I can’t help but notice the skin tight black leggings worn by trendish female hipstanistas. They are leaving very little to the imagination. I readily admit, I admire the female form, but toss in the set of thigh high boots and you have the most OVER! of all current fashion trends. The high level of popularity of this trend make it a candidate for immediate cease and desist. It’s peaking so hard that it’s like a bath-salt junkie in a Aveda aroma-therapy demo.

I want to approach this from the male perspective. Maybe I want to wear this kind of stuff. I mean this look isn’t that far from canonical Han Solo. Strap on a good blaster at your side and you’re ready to do the Kessle Run in under 12 parsecs. Seriously though I’ve considered getting some meggings and trying this fashion out. How do you think it would go over for me, a stocky middle aged paleo-hipster, strutting down the terrazzo hallway at the mid-sized Midwestern private college where I work, wearing skin tight black leggings and thigh high swashbucklers boots?

Just let that image settle in your mind a bit.

I don’t think too much time would pass before my manager would be inviting me to a special meeting with HR and security.

So lady hipsters, to be clear … The tights and high boots thing is OVER!

So, not to leave you hanging with no options, NHT is tracking the rain boot / welly / red spot / galosh trend. And it’s rising faster than a arctic ice melt pool in August. Along with planetary warming and rising ocean levels, we see the rise of hip waders for hipsters. It’s perfect! Now you’ll be able to still make the felting circle even if Emma’s neighborhood is under a flash flood alert. They’re uni-sex, utilitarian and under-appreciated. All very desirable hipster qualities. You wont need to angle for compliments, while you’re angling for run-away barracudas from the civic aquarium, during next year’s 500 year flood event.

Skin tight never felt so right.