This guys has it all!

Here he is, you’ve seen him at Trampled By Turtles shows, doing the hipster 2-step and fist pumping during the banjo solos. We here at NHT love this guy. We want to help him keep ahead of the curve. So that’s why we’re calling PBRs OVER! Currently the refuge of cash strapped hipsters who want to throw back cheap beer and be a throwback to their Gramdpa’s opening fishing wknd ethos. Heck they’re already “wearing your grandpa’s clothes” so why not drink his bad beer too.

The hope we’ve all had was of course the resurgence of the American craft beer movement. Duluth, MN is (per capita) second only to Portland, OR in micro-breweries per capita. All hail the comeback of craft beer ..it’s soooo popular that you guessed it….NHT calls it OVER! too. Doesn’t mean we wont keep drinking our Bell’s Two Hearteds up here but we can’t in good conscious recommend them for hipsters. They really can’t afford them anyway. So what’s a hipster to do? NHT humbly suggests hard cider. It’s available, reasonably priced and esoteric enough to cause other uninformed hipsters to ask some questions. You can try and order it at your favorite bar and they wont even have it .. imagine how hip it is to out hip the bartender! This is hipster gold. The cider drinking hipster can reference apple horticulture techniques, Ben Franklin (an original hipster), and Appalachia. That hipster will get laid tonight for sure.

UPDATE: Looks like Hipster Power is in the Pocketbook: Hipsters drive up PBR prices.

So to be very clear, once and for all, hipters please cease and desist with the PBRs, skip the craft beers and get into hard cider.