Sweaty HAWT: AlwaysRunning

Running has always been big. We used to do it because we had to but now we do it because we can. That is unless, of course, you are part of the  “Always Running” elite.

Like …

Anna Young, who didn’t skip a beat or, let a half marathon get in the way of her lactation cycle. Reported in many places, she breast pumped while running and also maximized social exposure with the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding. HWTNXT absolutely endorses a mother’s right to safely practice mothering how she sees fit and to do so while running is an amazing example of AlwaysRunning.

Also in the AlwaysRunning hall of fame are the Italian Bersaglieri regiments.

These guys and gals of the Italian military are famed for being elite mountain marksmen AND running ALL THE TIME .. to include playing brass instruments.

Now, I know it may be a bit difficult to take the Italian military seriously but there’s something pretty fricking audacious about trotting and playing a trumpet while wearing a hat displaying a plume of black capercaillie feathers.

Of course, the top of the AlwaysRunning heap are not even human and have inspired the Green Wheel. Anyone who works out in a modern gym is used to tracking their physical output in amps, or electrical output, now some Lebanese guy wants to trap that. In something that has Matrix like overtones, he envisions human hamster wheels where AlwaysRunning is converted into an  alternative electrical energy source.

HOW2HAWT:  Ok, AlwaysRunning means always be running! But, unless you are Forrest Gump this is not possible. What you can do though is run at times one wouldn’t expect, start by taking “running errands” to a new level. So, grab that grocery cart, don’t forget some WD-30 for the wheels, and blaze at full bore through Whole Foods. As a nod to safety, have some spotters along, station them at the ends of aisles for those drifts past the end caps. The key to grocery getting is a stiff scoopy arm and not being too picky with the results. Vegan Saag Paneer is just as tasty as Beef Vindaloo.  Dont watch old episodes of Supermarket Sweep, that is not AlwaysRunning. Work your way up to the liquor store, AlwaysRunning is all about pacing.