TRENDFLASH! Deck the beard!

No time for words on this, NOW!


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Emerging: Shaking with both hands

hipsterhandshakeBro hugs are deader than Jean Stapleton, let’s pretend fist mashing never happened, and until the old-school gimme-five comes back, shaking with both hands (also known as a “two-shake” or a “bo’ shake”) is the social embrace of the moment. It begins life as your basic shake, but becomes almost self-aware with the addition of the second hand to the back of the shakee’s already-being-shook hand, usually a full second after the handshake has been originated. The result of this clasp is an additional degree of sincerity that, combined with solid eye-contact, let’s everyone know that you’re coming from a place that is equal parts deep and real, and still assures everyone you are not carrying a dagger up your sleeve (even if it’s just for eating with). This maneuver is delicate and has so many layers of meaning that we felt it was important to make our first howto video. So, please sit back and enjoy! You are officially lame if you dont go out immediately and try this at once. Notice that it’s not done correctly unless both participants emerge from the moment with a heightened sense of awkwardness and fragility which must be overcome with platitudes and small talk.

We’re also keeping our eye on the single-handsake/tricep squeeze lockup, but it’s not quite there yet.

Trending Up: Infographics about Hipsters

Well, you all knew it would come to this. We at NHT want to meet you where you live. And you know, that means pictures. It’s not real unless there’s an infographic, right? Infographics are center-of-the-sun hot right now, here’s even an infographic about infopraphics, which is super meta and that’s hipster platinum. With the help of Paul at PMC3, NHT has developed our first foray into the world of a thousand words .. the highly scientific and totally arbitrary “Hipster Ranking System by Hat Brim Length.” So click, save and print (on a repurposed internal memo about hats in the office of course). Put it by the coffee machine in the refreshments alcove at the CoLLab or by the seltzer bay at the cheese mongering institute. We recommend lamination for use at the local bar during the next Duck, Duck, Goose show. Enjoy.

know your brim size
Print this out and laminate immediately, makes a handy bookmark for those long afternoons hipster watching at the vegan tea conclave. Produced by Paul from Paul Connolly 3 design.