Trending Down: Banjos

Banjo Hipster Girl
Tats, Aviators, fanny pack and Banjo – OMG This is a hipster dream queen. Too bad it’s OVER!

Once the domain of the denizens of HeeHaw, Porch Savants and Pete Seeger, banjos have been been the darlings of the hipster music scene. Nothing screams “I’m a simple, modest and earnest person” like a banjo. The once height of esoteric Appalachian folk music, now is pure top-40 de rigueur and true hipsters should do the quickest Walton Mountain two-step possible as they run away. Exception is of course, Steve Martin. Anything this guy does is GOLD. He alone is probably keeping this trend actually hip in perpetuity.

Possible replacements include the samisen, Ondes Martenot and Sacbut.

Frankly, I’ve been worried for bearded hipster banjo players for sometime. The potential for getting so into an emotive rendition of Foggy Mountain Breakdown and then accidentally having ones prized lumberjack-esque facial hair becoming tangled in the blurred steel of flailing banjo strings …the horror .. the horror.  Now we cant claim OVER! on banjos yet, but as evidenced by the real science of the trend-o-tron, banjos are on a steady and slow decline.