Why the F$#%@! are we doing this?

So why “Next Hipster Trend” — Like all things good, well it arose from an argument. Baci and Kory couldn’t agree on what denoted a hipster. Kory calls Baci a hipster, Baci knows that he was into analog synthesizers well before the current electro-dance-neo-post-industrial craze. Baci is a paleo-hipster if he’s a hipster at all. And, even though he brews his own beer and does found object art with his kids, Kory claims he’s NOT a hipster … So you can see .. an argument ensued. They did whatever any two web types would do .. they started a blog! Commentary about, snotty and snide comments .. and hopefully some actual insight .. backed up by random facts from google trends .. that’s what ya got so far. Soon we’ll open this up to invite others to join us and share their observations about hipsters, trends and what it means to be (and not be) cool.