Why you should always write a haikus in April

hipstercoffeeshopJust as hipster trends change as the years go by, they also change as the YEAR goes by. It’s important to be mindful of seasonal fads as well as long term trends. I submit as an example this google trends report.

A simple search for “haiku” turned up this very pronounced seasonal shift in the popularity of haiku writing. We see clearly that the ONLY time to talk about or be seen at Starbucks writing haikus on your MacBook Pro with Retina Display with a “Coexist” sticker on the back is APRIL. I can’t speculate why people write haikus in early spring and stop altogether at the end of summer. It doesn’t really matter though, does it?

Hipster thought lesson: Would a better hipster move to be writing haikus when it is least popular each month? Either way, check your trends, people. Before you up and decide to take up beekeeping, hop on google trends and check it out. Don’t make a fool out of yourself and do something like wear your XXL Wayfarers in January. Or should you?