WTF Trend Anamoly: Knitted Bras
NHT is a bit flummoxed on this one, we would have seriously called this one OVER! or at least on the TrendingDown but the absolute science of the TrendoTron 2000 shows an odd result. Nothing at all then BAM! a plateau of engagement for 6 months then OVER! Then BAAMO again, We say WTF.
The real point is that the current NHT writers have to say HELP! Current contributors to NHT are seriously lacking in the estrogen department. As insightful and intuitive as we may be, we willingly acknowledge that we can truly only represent fully the male view. This is evidenced by the fact that we have no cogent commentary on the subject other than WTF happened for those 6 months late last year? Are Knitted Bras a winter fad? Can one knit a cool summer bra .. like a woolen beach bra .. then we start getting into how much we’d like to see a “knitted beach bra” and dont get us started on felting because we’d make more fools of ourselves than we already do. We hereby beseech any women who view this site and are interested in manning…person-ing the hipster helpdesk with us to join and add their thoughts on these matters.